Introduction to Data Storytelling with Tableau

Key Data Science skill for everyone

10 hours of recorded lessons and Certificate on course completion
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What is in it for you?

In today’s world, the vast proliferation of data is disrupting existing business models and organizations are keener in taking data driven strategic business decisions. However, having all information at our fingertips doesn’t make it easier to communicate - it makes it harder.

Currently, there is a growing need in the Corporate sector for guidance on how to communicate effectively with data. Data Storytelling will be an in-demand skill for any professional in the upcoming years.

Let’s consider for example

There are various sources of financial data which play a vital role in strategic decision making. Hence finance folks who deal with analysing data need to convey their results in an effective way. Data maybe related to:

  • Analyzing accounts receivable
  • Monitor travel expense data
  • Drilling down into cash flow details
  • Actual vs Budget forecasts

Sales and Marketing
With rise in digital marketing, there is abundant data available for sales and marketing managers to run down deep analytics and to make a significant impact on growth. With limited time they need to analyze and communicate:

  • Sales performance against target
  • Marketing leadership KPI
  • Sales growth dashboard
  • Marketing campaign activity calendar

Are you someone who deals with data and looking forward to better visualizing and communicating it? You are at the right place with the right course!

What you will learn?

  • Soft Skills - Data Storytelling - Understand how human perception works and translate knowledge into rules for displaying information.
  • Hard Skills - Tableau tool - Understand a powerful BI tool - Tableau to visualize data using Data Storytelling principles to develop effective Dashboards


Session 1:
Topic: Introduction to the Course, Data Storytelling concepts and Q&A session
Session 2:
Topic: Data Visualization Best Practices
Session 3:
Topic: Tableau - Introduction & Visual Analytics - 1
Session 4:
Topic: Tableau - Visual Analytics - 2
Session 5:
Topic: Tableau - Calculations
Session 6:
Topic: Conclusion: Summarize - Use Data Storytelling Principles & Tableau to build an effective dashboard, Fun with Tableau.

Why learn from him?

  • He is passionate about assisting companies to progress through different stages of the analytics maturity curve.
  • He has captured his real life experiences in the course content


Course Fee

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take this course?

  • Entry and Mid Level Managers
  • Students interested in making a career in Data Analytics
  • Entrepreneurs looking to master the art of communicating with data
  • Data analysts, Data scientists, BI Consultants, Visualization consultants
  • Anyone looking for career progression in the field of data analytics
  • Anyone who wants to create powerful data visualizations for analytics or data science
  • Anyone with an audience who values insightful information
  • Anyone looking to create impact data communications that will resonate with an audience
  • Anyone in business who wants to tell great stories with data

What topics will be covered in the course?

  • Data Storytelling concepts
  • Tableau Visualization skills
  • Effective dashboards in Tableau

Till when I will have access to the course material?

Anyone can access the course materials till the validity of their membership.

What is the eligibility for getting the certificate?

One has to watch all the recorded lessons and mark them as completed to be eligible for a certificate.

Will I get a receipt / invoice to claim reimbursement for this training cost from my company?

Yes, we will provide a receipt / invoice in the name of the company for reimbursement of this training cost. Please email us at mentioning the name of company, GST or PAN number, company address, amount and date of payment.

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