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Mohammed Riaz



Bridge2capital is a product built on the principle of “Reverse Factoring”. The mobile app for the first time in India has taken small business centric approach to provide funds to finance their bills purchased from GST registered suppliers. The small business are allowed to registered GST suppliers of their choice on the mobile app and payment towards these bills are made to the suppliers. The small business pays back to the bank on a weekly/ fortnightly basis in credit cycle of 30-90 days as per their choice. Bridge2Capital’s approach has led to 20%-30% increase in small business owners income in a short period of time. The customer engages with our app 18-20 times a month which is unlike any lending another fin-tech app in the market. This type of customers engagement ensures new data footprints which helps him increase his credit limit at regular intervals with on time repayment behaviour. Bridge2Capital has designed a simple and easy user friendly app specifically to semi-digital literate customers in small towns and cities of India.

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