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Guy Kashtan

Co-Founder & CEO

rewire - fintech event


Rewire was established in 2015 by the entrepreneurs Guy Kashtan, Saar Yahalom, Or Ben-Oz and Adi Ben-Dayan as an international remittance platform for migrant workers, who usually transfer most of their income to their countries of origin. This population which lacks support and frameworks from the local banking systems, have to use alternate solutions that unfortunately are accompanied by high fees and a lack of abilities to manage neither their financial lives in their country of employment and of course not in their country of origin.

Rewire currently offers a solution to all these obstacles through a dual cross border global account, one that is remote for everyday life in their country of residence, and one in their country of origin for the support of their dependent families and the establishment of financial independence. Rewire helps them to manage all of their financial needs in one convenient place, wherever they are, without dealing with the hassle of being accountable to financial obligations in two different continents.

Today Rewire serves tens of thousands of returning customers and processes hundreds of millions of dollars a year. The company manages global communities of migrants such as Indians, Filipinos, Nigerians, and additionally also supports other South Asian communities such as Thai, Nepalese and Sri Lankan migrants.

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