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FixNix Inc is a regulation tech startup that has high concentration in the GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) space, Predictive Risk Analytics domain with our award winning “Predictive HR Attrition Analytics” platform & our state of the art “Risk Data Lake for Regulatory Reporting” is in the pipeline.

The three products mentioned above comes under the umbrella of “FixNix Risk Orchestration Platform” with the vision of democratizing the GRC world & solving the risks faced by organizations using different yet innovative technology capabilities. The following describes each product line with its unique use cases.

FreshGRC: SaaS-based GRC Enterprise Software

FreshGRC is the world’s 1st pure play SaaS-based GRC enterprise software for the SMEs, small-scale banks & companies in the growth markets at an affordable cost. By using this GRC tool organizations can streamline their regulatory requirements like complex compliance processes saving them thousands of dollars, increasing the operating efficiency etc.

Predictive HR Attrition Analytics: Risk Analytics

FixNix Inc has built an intelligent decision support system (DSS) to help businesses take smarter decisions in collaboration with Barclay’s Rise Accelerator Program & came up with a “Predictive HR Attrition Analytics” platform to help corporates, banks predict the attrition rate of employees within their organizations as well as to prioritize & drive specific retentions for employee’s that are critical asset to the organization.

FixNix has leveraged the potential of Machine Learning Algorithms like Binary Logistic Regression, Random Forest that powers the predictive modelling capabilities & the clients can consume the real-time analytics using a simple REST API & view it in a visualization dashboard.

Risk Data Lake for Regulatory Reporting:

Our state-of-the art “Risk Data Lake Regulatory Reporting” concept which can delve deep into the unstructured risk from public sources to tap into the current risks faced by banks along with their regular risk info to file reports to regulators like RBI, MAS, HK MA, FCA etc.

The Risk Data Lake is a repository of large quantities & varieties of structured & unstructured data, the lake can serve as a staging area for the data warehouse, the location of more carefully “treated” data reporting and analysis in batch mode & data programmers can tap the stream data for real-time analytics. The data lake concept takes advantage of commodity cluster computing techniques for massively scalable, low cost storage of data files in any format.

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