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MeReal Biometrics

The only patented smart card for PAYMENTS and ACCESS with a fingerprint sensor, an acoustic one-time password and a rechargeable battery on the card that can be used anywhere, anytime, anyplace, with any device. Goodbye passwords and pins. Hello new channel of authentication – the world’s 8.3billion telephone lines (from smart phone to fixed lines). As well as using traditional contact and contactless methods once the card recognises the cardholder’s fingerprint, the card’s acoustic one-time password can be heard by an app, an IVR hotline system, an operator, a web plug-in. The card is compatible with all traditional methods but with it’s battery and acoustic one-time password it can be used beyond the connected world too, the cardholder is no longer limited to internet access and electricity.
MeReal Biometrics is a Hong Kong company, French technology, all R&D is in France. Our Chairman operates 45 casinos and hotels in France. He invented the card for identity purposes. To prove the players are who they say they are. The card is in production. It’s real. It’s brilliant. It can help financial inclusion, tighten cyber security, reduce card fraud / payment fraud / identity theft, reduce costs, increase customer service, increase comfort and make the world a #HappyPlace.

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