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Katalin Kauzli

Cofounder, Business Development Director

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Invoice data is a key asset in banking, as if you have invoice data:

  • You can leverage on regulatory obligations such as faster payments and PSD2 and turn these into innovation opportunities to launch invoice related services.
  • You can keep the payment transactions at the bank: Invoice is a request-to-pay, you can generate payment transfer instructions right from the invoice. if you have invoice data no other payment provider takes the payment transaction away. You as a bank will keep your own brand and primary customer contact and full margin on the payment transaction, which makes up ca 40% of all banking revenues.
  • By having access to data invoice assets new revenue streams unfold: you can provide additional financing, connect invoicing with digital factoring and supply chain financing.
  • Currently electronic invoice data is not accessible to banks, therefore banks started to provide invoicing services for their SME customers to get hold of invoice data (either in-house or with partnerships), however incoming e-invoice processing is not solved in the SME segment due to the lack of interoperability.

Charlie-India can make invoice data accessible to banks, with Charlie-India banks can set-up their own in-house invoice management solution. It has a complete functionality for: 1. Customer and supplier invoice management (automatic e-invoice data processing from other invoicing systems, manual/OCR invoice processing, issuing tax regulation compliant e-invoices in any tax jurisdiction) 2. Easy native data integration with ERP/accounting/invoicing systems). 3. 1-click supplier invoice payment generated from invoice data and matching customer invoice data with payment data 4. All required back office functions (registration, subscription management and authentication) to launch an online service.

The product can be built up by the bank modularly, depending on the bank\’s needs in terms of features. Our solution is very flexible and scalabe globally.

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