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Avail Finance
Ankush Aggarwal Founder & CEO Avail Finance Avail Finance Avail is an Android application only service, primarily catering to ones with minimal or no access to credit in India. The market that the company targets has little to none credit card penetration and there is a lack of structured credit history to identify potential borrowers....
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Ariadne Business Analytics
Shirish Kalangi Partner & Director Ariadne Business Analytics Ariadne Business Analytics Ariadne software is one of the best use-case for blockchain technology in Banking. Ariadne brings to its customers a full-stack Transaction processing and Risk management solution using Smart Financial Contract algorithms. We bring together Smart Contract Technology & Blockchain Technology. ‘Off-chain Contracting’ is our...
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Appnomic systems
Preeti Raghuvanshi AVP – Customer & Partner Success Appnomic systems Appnomic systems Appnomic Systems is in the business of providing application performance management and cognitive automation solutions for digital Enterprises which help prevent outages . We were founded in 2007 and are a headquartered in Bangalore . We are funded by Norwest Venture Partners. jQuery(document).ready(function(){jQuery(".item-cat").hide();jQuery(".item-home").hide();jQuery(".item-current").hide();...
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Streak AI Technologies Pvt Ltd
Harsha CEO streak.tech Streak AI Technologies Pvt Ltd Streak is algorithmic trading for the masses, without coding. Streak is the first end to end platform on which Retail Traders and Investors can Create trading algorithms, without coding; Backtest these algorithms on historical market data to check the profitability and performance of the algorithm and Deploy...
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