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rewire - fintech event
Guy Kashtan Co-Founder & CEO www.rewire.to/eu Rewire Rewire was established in 2015 by the entrepreneurs Guy Kashtan, Saar Yahalom, Or Ben-Oz and Adi Ben-Dayan as an international remittance platform for migrant workers, who usually transfer most of their income to their countries of origin. This population which lacks support and frameworks from the local banking...
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PartnersHub - Fintech events
Katalin Kauzli Cofounder, Business Development Director www.charlieindia.org partnerHub Invoice data is a key asset in banking, as if you have invoice data: You can leverage on regulatory obligations such as faster payments and PSD2 and turn these into innovation opportunities to launch invoice related services. You can keep the payment transactions at the bank: Invoice...
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Neener Analytics
Jeff LoCastro Founder/CEO www.neeneranalytics.com Neener Analytics 88% of India’s consumers are thin-file, no-file and credit challenged. This is a massive problem. These are the “invisible” consumers; invisible not because they're high risk, but rather because current risk assessment systems simply don’t work for them. You can't build a middle class or improve the standard of...
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Lokyata - Fintech event
Sanker Gopinathan Operations Director www.lokyata.com Lokyata Lokyata provides AI/ML- driven customer analytics for social impact lenders to better understand their customer base, provision scores across multiple dimensions of the customer profile, and engage the customers using AI/ML transparency technology that provisions "decision codes" used to generate personalized messages. The decision codes are used to generate...
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Jai Kisan - FIntech Event
Jai Kisan
Arjun Ahluwalia Founder & CEO www.jai-kisan.com Jai Kisan jQuery(document).ready(function(){jQuery(".item-cat").hide();jQuery(".item-home").hide();jQuery(".item-current").hide(); jQuery('.sub-header').css('padding','60px 10px 0px 10px'); });
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