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Shailendra Naidu



Headquartered in Bangalore, Indy is a global financial technology company providing enterprise solutions for FMCG, Telecom, BFSIs and companies with a dominant supply chain focus. Indy is focusing on India as a key market for growth. Key offerings will include wallet services and payment solutions for FMCG supply chains.

The company offers enterprises an integrated processing platform that is capable of linking multiple participants into a transaction network. Indy is digitizing the whole payment structures and providing technology overview as a solution to FMCGs.

Indy DMS is an automated Distribution Management System with high-end capabilities to simplify the entire Distribution ecosystem. This new age system brings the distributor, the retailer, the company & the sales team on the same platform for enhanced efficiencies such as tracking real-time Information movement, product movement, money movement, checking credit history, credit availability etc. This system enables a complete digital distribution journey with just a Mobile App. Indy DMS believes in Making life easier – One Distribution Chain At A Time.

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