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CapitaWorld is a unique fund raising platform, which is created as a one stop solution for the financial requirements of not only Fund Seekers (Individual/ Businessman), but also for Fund Providers (Banks/ NBFCs/ Other High Net Worth Individuals and Groups) and Service Providers (CA/ CFA/ CFP/ Investment Bankers and other finance professionals).
We have built an Artificial Intelligence platform, where people can raise funds in an automated fashion.The platform maps and matches the fund seekers with fund providers using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning neural nets protocols, creating a complete, scalable and robust recommendation system.

All these complex but business effective systems work in collaboration with each other, forming and strengthening the backbone of the company.

After analyzing both the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the financial ecosystem, we realized the importance of providing right proposal to right person.

We have designed and created the World’s first end-to-end connected and fully integrated system for financial services marketplace. We are here to save time, energy and money of all our stakeholders in this diverse finance industry.Our financial and business analysts have mapped entire banking and investment processes of various markets and geographies including India, UAE and USA under a single umbrella.
CapitaWorld is the first Intelligent, Interactive and Automated Financial Platform that connects various Fund Seekers, Fund Providers and Service Providers. We get you connected to the right person in a safe, transparent, efficient and secure environment.

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