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Gowri Mukherjee

Gowri Mukherjee

Co-founder and CMO


CreditMantri makes Credit Possible. CreditMantri was created to help consumers take charge of their credit health and help them make better borrowing decisions. The company leverages data and technology to transform the way credit is delivered in India.

A vast majority of Indian consumers have limited access to formal credit. The CreditMantri platform was created to bridge this gap between consumers and lenders and thereby make credit possible. Using a combination of traditional data (such as credit reports) and alternative data (such as social media, data from mobile phones etc.), CreditMantri (www.creditmantri.com) enables consumers to create their credit profile in order to understand their credit potential. Alternate data is particularly important for users who have limited choice and access to credit. The company has served over 2.5 million users till date with over 60% of users providing access to over 2000+ credit relevant data points in-order to build their credit profile using CreditMantri’s proprietary algorithm. All data is captured or shared only after obtaining explicit consumer consent.

Once the profile is created on the platform, users can discover loans, credit cards best matched to the profile from lenders across the risk continuum, resolve issues on existing loans and borrowings, and reduce current borrowing costs.

On the supply side, CreditMantri provides financial institutions access to better quality consumer risk profiles besides helping these institutions cut down on expensive credit operations, processes and disburse loans faster. Consumer demand data on the platform is used to create custom credit products to address unmet credit needs e.g. providing unsecured personal credit lines for new to credit consumers or debt consolidation loans for credit challenged consumers. Rich profiling data results in lenders not having to waste resources on applications which do not meet their credit criteria. Over 45+ lenders already use the platform to source consumers, resolve past loan issues and expand into new customer segments.

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