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Gaurav Hinduja

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Gaurav Hinduja

Co-Founder and MD, axio

From his early days as the head of operations at Gokaldas Exports, Gaurav brings to his start up team at Capital Float a deep understanding of operations and a tremendous drive to win in a fast paced and competitive business environment.

His previous role at Gokaldas, running operations at India’s largest apparel manufacturer employing 40,000 people with $250 million in revenues has transformed Gaurav into an astute business leader, driven by quick and calculated decision making, and a clear vision. At Capital Float, he understands what it takes to build the right team, and while he may run a tight ship, he remains nonchalant about getting the job done, and staying ahead of the game.

Gaurav did his MBA from Stanford University after graduating in Commerce from Christ University. From a business family, and an early stage entrepreneur himself, Gaurav is extremely passionate about the small and medium business community in India and believes that one day Capital Float will create a capital revolution in India.

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