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Abhishek Kothari



Indian SMEs are credit starved and there is a long-standing need for bridging this financial access gap. 80% of SMEs in India (~30M in number) don’t have access to formal credit due to insufficient credit history or a complex process involving high documentation and decision time.

FlexiLoans.com is the only new age SME lender which focuses on the long tail of SMEs through ecosystem or direct originations, giving them a distinctive advantage over other lenders who depend on DSAs for acquiring customers. The company has created proprietary technology and algorithms to onboard these customer on to their platform and assess despite no prior credit footprints or substantial data. It has more than 100 active partnerships in the country and has consistently ranked as a leading Digital partner for E-commerce and payments platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, First Data, MSwipe, ShopClues.

FlexiLoans.com was incorporated in February 2016 and after 6 months of sustained growth using founder’s own capital, they raised Rs. 100 crores from Marquee bankers like Sanjay Nayar (CEO: KKR-India), Anil Jaggia (Ex. CIO – HDFC Bank) and Vikram Sud (Ex-COO, Citi Asia Pacific and Kotak). It was a turning moment for the young start-up and was incidentally one of the largest seed stage round raised by a FinTech startup in Asia.

In a very short span, FlexiLoans.com has assessed over 1.5 lakh SMEs and serves over 1000 cities in India with a completely branchless presence. It is a leader in data led credit decisioning with a dedicated lab for creating future lending technologies using advanced AI applications.

Key Differentiators:

“Financial access at a click for Indian SMEs” is what describes FlexiLoans!

Through our products, we aim to create a pure form of FinTech lending company which embodies the digital DNA and utilizes data to its smartest form. While the market is huge, and differentiation is not a guarantee to succeed, there are a few aspects of our products that are unique:

  1. The only full-spectrum FinTech lender to serve all financing needs of an SME through technology based assets. Our products suite services customers across the MSME spectrum:
    • Working Capital Term Loans and Line of Credit – For Business expansion/ Seasonal Inventory Loans
    • POS (Point of Sale) Loans – for Retailers with high retail growth/ short-term requirements
    • Supply Chain Finance- Vendor Financing for Large and Mid-size corporates
  2. Data-First approach with a dedicated computer vision team – 4 Patentable tech assets and algorithms that have been able to reduce the decisioning TAT dramatically to sub 25 minutes, the lowest in the Industry
  3. One amongst very few micro business loans provider starting from as low as Rs. 50,000 and average ticket size of sub 10 lacs for tenures as low as 3 months accessible in over 1,000 locations in India

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