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Cube Wealth

Louise Bartlett

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Cube Wealth

Cube Wealth started initially as a niche bill payments and expense service. Cube’s bill payments app successfully grew to 350,000 users that handled over 35 Crores in payments, and picking up a few awards along the way. The addition of goals based savings and investment products led to today’s full service wealth + money service Cube Wealth.

Our members enjoy access to premium wealth creation advisors, modern asset classes and personalised SIPs with automated bank debits through a simple UI. Knowing where to start and who to trust is taken care of for first time investors so they start investing the right way from their very first investment. Our premium advisor picks enable experienced investors to transition to portfolio with higher returns with simplified and transparent tracking.

Aside from providing access to the best advisors, otherwise only accessible to HNI’s, we promise our members experience is 1 app, 1 minute per month to take care of all of their investment needs.

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