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Ariadne Business Analytics

Shirish Kalangi

Partner & Director

Ariadne Business Analytics

Ariadne software is one of the best use-case for blockchain technology in Banking. Ariadne brings to its customers a full-stack Transaction processing and Risk management solution using Smart Financial Contract algorithms.

We bring together Smart Contract Technology & Blockchain Technology. ‘Off-chain Contracting’ is our innovation. Off-chain contracting helps to load-shed the computing that is required to maintain & execute smart contracts on a Blockchain.

Further-more, Analytics and Regulatory reporting are one of the most expensive processes within banks. We believe Ariadne can cut 60% of such costs that incur in analytics.

Our customers can manage mortgages, maturity contracts, Savings, Insurance & derivatives in just One Ariadne Software. Such simplicity in data infra structure and transaction management is something banks dream to achieve today.

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